why i will not vote for modi

let us assume that modi had nothing to do with the 2002 riots. 
let us also assume that he has no pressure or influence from the RSS
let us also assume that this vibrant gujrat they so fondly speak of exists.

but let us not forget that the BJP harbours, amit shah, muthalik, the yeddi family and other just to name a few. nor should we forget that modi holds most of the ministerial posts in gujrat. (refer
link ) and assuming he is doing a good job at all these portfolios.

here is why i still think modi is still not the right person for the job. because it is not a one man job. that is not what a democracy is, and it is never going to be a sustainable way to grow anything. and you don’t see him acknowledging that at all. 

‘aab ki baar modi sarkar’ is all you hear all over, its a well thought out campaign, it works well as a punch line, but the idea itself is totalitarian. its not about us being governed, its about us being led. 

He seems to want HIS government. HE will to govern. and i think he wants it too bad. contesting from 2 places can only show you are not confident of your victory or that you don’t care about the people who elect you there just that you are elected. both mocking the fundamental principles of democracy as it stands. i, or anyone who votes, is supposed to vote for their local rep, so best case scenario he wins from both places, but has to choose, the one that got shafted, gets a candidate they don’t want, or has to spend on reelections. 

taking the company and CEO analogy again, assuming the company has this super star CEO candidate who controls everything, is all hands on and will manage everything good bad and ugly for your 1.2 billion and counting strong company and is deemed irreplaceable, i would be very scared of putting him in that position. because tomorrow when he leaves, you and i as stakeholders in this large company are left up shits creek with no functioning upper middle or lower management and with no sense of how or why things got done. it would be like investing in a proprietary business, where if the head honcho leaves, we got nothing left. anyone in the business of business would tell you its a bad bad idea. its the governance equivalent of putting all your eggs in one basket. it may work for the short term, depending on the resolve and intent of the basket in question, but there is no way it will be good for the long run and there is an even lesser possibility that it will be done with the transparency that we hope we will have.

but then why the appeal of modi?
exactly the same reasons why he shouldn’t be elected top hat. because we love the idea of steve jobs, we love the idea of our one true saviour. we don’t see the thousands of people dedicating their lives to bettering technology so steve could do his 15 minutes of fame, we refuse to see the machine that works tirelessly behind the idea of the saviour for him to be able to reach out. we love the idea of a one man disruption. we yearn for an uprising. we hate the idea of design by committee, we don’t like conflicts or debates. we want deciders and we want doers. and we don’t care who does it, we want one person to blame when the plan fails, and we want one person to worship if it holds up. we are the nation that worshipped and then pelted stones at dhonis house in the same week. we are short sighted because that is how elections are campaigned for.

if it was ab ki baar ki sarkar, we should still be fine… but modi ki sarkar, would literally translate to the rule of modi, to which i say… no sir not on my vote, and not on my land.  

so who should we vote for then? if the congress has done us wrong, the aap is too green and too loud to be a team player and the third front is still not fully formed to be taken that seriously. 

in my opinion, we should vote for the house. the entire assembly and not just the government. a strong and intelligent opposition is as crucial as a strong government is. if all these scams happened under the governance of the congress, then the BJP and allies sat there and watched them happen. they are as much to blame as those in power are. 

so go look for your local candidate, find their stand on the issues that concern you,, (without getting physical, for that is just sad) and then when you are convinced… vote him or her in and then make sure that they live up to the promises they made and be sure to give them the time to do such things.